field notes

Heading to the forest (I)

Yeah! This is the first official “field trip” I am doing for this project! It feels weird to know that there are 5 years ahead to think on studios, laboratories, workshops, gardens, forests, kitchens, malocas and other spaces for world creation with some peace of mind and resources. What a better place to start than the forest? It is a fantastic place to feed the inquiry since 1) I am now in Finland and forests are quite important part of the shaped landscape of this part of the world 2) Forests are simply astonishing sites, bursting with life and death not to mention they have fascinating ecologies 3) Ever since I first came to Hyytiälä -while working on a research project on research infrastructures for the environmental sciences- I wanted to come back and look at it again with more calm and different eyes.

I am visiting the station at the same time that the course “Analysis of atmosphere-surface interactions and
feedbacks” is held. We agree that I can join some of the lectures and visits. I take it as a nice opportunity to learn more about the research that happens here , the type of data gathered and what questions are asked from the data and thus from the forest.

The forest around the SMEAR II station with some of the measuring instruments and sensors, a field lab for sure (Autumn 2019)